SAP PP User Manual: Create and Confirm Production Order

This pdf document provides a guide on how to create new production orders and confirm them in the SAP Production Planning (SAP-PP) module.

The process allows users to create new production orders with respect to the material to be produced, the quantity, production schedules, and input material batches. The main purpose of creating a production order is to meet specific requirements on a particular day and to send this production to the shop floor with the desired quantity and input material on the scheduled date/time.

  • Procedural Steps: The document provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a production order (Transaction Code: CO01) and confirm a production order (Transaction Code: CO11n). It also provides instructions on how to handle errors during the confirmation of a production order using the COGI transaction.
  • Production Order Creation [Tcode CO01]: The user enters the material to be produced, the production plant, order type, and order quantity. The system automatically proposes the current date as the scheduled start date. After entering the required data, the production order is released automatically.
  • Production Order Confirmation [Tcode COGI]: The user enters the production order number, and the system proposes the ordered quantity. After confirming the production order, the system provides the number of successful and failed goods movements. Failed goods movements with errors need to be processed in the COGI transaction.
  • Error Handling During Production Order Confirmation: The document provides examples of how to handle errors during the confirmation of a production order. For example, if a material number is not maintained for a plant at a certain storage location, the user needs to maintain the material at the correct storage location to clear the error. The document concludes with a note that there should be no COGI records against the production order after all errors have been successfully handled.

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