Beginners Guide to SAP PP Business Process Procedures

This PP manual will equip participants with the SAP skills to do transactions relevant to Production Planning processes. This documents can be used as reference training guide in the final preparation phase during implementation which is very helpful for the users new to SAP screens.

Step by step instructions are given for the following list of SAP PP submodule processes:

  • Sale Operation Planning (SOP)
    • Creation of Product Group
    • Creation of SOP Plan
    • Breakdown Product Group Plan
    • Transfer Product Group to Demand Management
    • Manually Creation of Planned Independent Requirement
  • Master Production Schedule (MPS)
    • Master Production Schedule online
    • MPS Single-Item, Multi-Level
    • MPS Single-Item, Single-Level
    • Manual planned order creation
  • Material Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • Process Order Execution
    • Manual Process Order Creation
    • Convert Planned Order to Process Order
    • Process Order Confirmation (Backflush + Auto GR)
    • Process Order Confirmation (W/O Backflush + W/O Auto GR)
    • Manual Goods Issue against Process Order
    • Manual Goods Receipt against Process Order
    • Cancel Process Order Confirmation
    • Handling Failed Automatic Goods Movement
    • Close Process Order

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